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Who Am I?


        My name is Cindy Carlson. I love this breed and always try to do the right thing. My goal is to produce the best Akita that I possibly can. That encompasses health, temperament and type or "looks". Since the Akita originated in Japan, that is the look I prefer in my dogs. I have always believed in genetic diversity for the health of the dogs so I avoid inbreeding. I believe that I can achieve a standard look and consistent type in my dogs without breeding close relatives. While this may take more time, I feel that the dogs are healthier. Since part of my goal is to make sure your new puppy is a happy and healthy member of your family for many years to come I also participate in a comprehensive health testing program. I guarantee my puppies and stand behind my contracts. (References available upon request.)

        I have bred the healthiest Japanese Akitas, either from Japan or the offspring of animals imported from Japan to Akitas with both Japanese and American lineage. I feel the American Akita and the Japanese Akita have much to offer one another. The puppies I have seen from these blends are the soundest, typiest and sweetest Akitas I have ever met. 

        Puppies are occasionally available to approved homes. I do recommend a deposit in order ensure your position on the available puppies. Breedings are done based upon what I feel will  better the breed, the entire breed. I love so many of the qualities of both the Japanese and American Akita, but neither one is perfect, yet. For health, genetic diversity, breed type and temperament, I prefer the "blends". I think you will too.  Dogs are not bred here to meet sales quotas or to pay bills but in order to accomplish specific goals in our breeding program. Insisting that all buyers meet requirements for ownership of an Akita will help to ensure that fewer Akitas end up losing their home! I hope that my puppies find that their first home is a forever home, so please allow me to help you determine which puppies may be most compatible with your lifestyle, your family and your personality. If I feel certain that an Akita is not the right breed for you I will refer you to a more suitable breed. That is, after all, why you came to a breeder in the first place, isn't it? Calling on Saturday to buy a puppy this weekend is sure to get you turned down. Why rush such an important decision? You are looking for a new member of the family! Don't be in such a hurry. A reputable breeder will not rush to dispose of their puppies. If it seems too easy to get the puppy...walk away. Qualifying to own an Akita puppy means that you are part of a special group.  Responsible breeders stand behind their contract and their word. They are a special group as well. A puppy is a serious commitment, for the lifetime of your dog. Let us all strive to never make this man's best friend thing a losing situation for the dogs.

        Unfortunately I must mention one point regarding dogs and AKC Registration. When you are checking on a site, appreciating the beautiful dogs and admiring the breeding program make certain that what you see is what you get. It is entirely possible that the breeder's kennel name has been omitted from the site, (and the papers) that no mention is made of where or how the dog was acquired, how that superior type, health and quality were achieved. This would be called plagiarism if perpetrated in writing. In the art world it is called forgery. In the world of purebred dogs it is called just plain unethical. Sadly, some may be unwilling to credit those helping them get their start, mentoring and boosting them up. When this is the case buyers must ask questions and, if the breeder is not forthcoming, do research. Pedigrees, health studies and other information may be available at http://www.offa.org. Sad to say, many would choose to pretend, maybe even to themselves, that not giving mention, and credit, to the original breeder is not intended to mislead and fool the public. You will have to draw your own conclusions.

        As you search for your special new friend, just make absolutely certain that you understand where that gorgeous looking dog actually came from. Will the new breeder be able to achieve the same results? This remains to be seen, doesn't it.

        We look forward to meeting you and hope that you will choose a Hanko puppy to join your family. In any case, enjoy your dogs, take good care of them for they will take good care of you, and have a great day! Cindy