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This is a good read, a comprehensive overview of the breed and it's history in the U.S. The cover dog is Unryu, sire of my old girl, Teika. You might also like to have the original, Complete Akita, same authors. The older version shows many of the original Akitas brought in to the country. All the books listed here are available at or your local bookstore.

Subscribing to Akita World Magazine is also fun. Many nice photos of dogs and helpful articles.

(303) 420-2222 to order. 

$54.00 per year.  


Easy to follow, fun to read training tips. A good one even if you have some experience. I recommend that you train your own dog. By all means take a class, but if the trainer asks you to do something to the dog that you wouldn't do to an 18 month old baby-leave and don't worry about the refund.

Another one I like is Good Owners, Great Dogs by Brian Kilcommens. A common sense approach without punishment.

Ian Dunbar is also a sure bet.

                                                                                                                           Battaglia's book, commonly known as the "stickman book" is a must have for those interested in breeding. Padgett's Control of Canine Genetic Diseases is the finest, most understandable book on genetics I have found. It may be a bit frightening but you owe it to the dogs to read it for yourself.