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I hope you liked the adorable fluffy coat female Akita in the main photo. Her brother has the "normal" or rough coat. These photos display another interesting Akita trait. Akita pups go through the UGLIES, also known as the "ganglies". Take these two, for instance. UGH, and I do mean UGH!

Faces only a mother could love. Truly. This is when you typically call the breeder to say, "Hey, what the heck did you sell me? I have asked everyone I know, and several Akita breeders what this is. They all tell me I have some kind of mutt and you need to refund my money! I am going to SUE you!!"

Wow. Strong reaction. Understandable when talking about an important item, member of your family, beloved companion, etc. But...wait a minute, let's talk about this...

Here are the same dogs, all grown up. Now aren't you glad that you didn't spend all that money on the attorney? The thing is, when you locate a breeder you feel comfortable with, trust them. Believe that your breeder has the best interest of you and the pup in mind. If you don't feel secure, look for another breeder! You are entering a long term commitment to your dog and may have dealings with the breeder for 10, 12, even 15 years. Find one that inspires confidence, someone you can trust.

Believe me when I tell you, these are the SAME DOGS. Pretty amazing isn't it. Almost all Akitas will go through it. If they were cute at 8 weeks, just hang on. Don't evaluate the dog seriously again until it is 18 to 24 months.

What an adventure you have ahead!