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Below are pictures of our puppies born September 27, 2012. We will try to update with current photos so you can watch them mature. They are waiting for their own, very special, forever homes right now. Check with us as one happy owner might be...YOU! We have a busy schedule so please be patient as we try to keep up to date. Baby photos were taken on November 2, 2012. updated pictures were taken November 18, 2012. Dad is on the home page with mom. We hope to have other beautiful litters like this one in the future so do check back from time to time. There are not many of us, here in the US, holding to our belief in the Japanese Akita Type. It is so easy to get distracted by the current tide of fashion being favored in the ring at the moment. I believe the only real Akita MUST, first and foremost, LOOK like an Oriental breed. No passing trend, love of the win, personal bias, emotional attachment or loyalty to our friends in the breed is as important as protecting and preserving BREED TYPE.





In these pictures the puppy is about 5 weeks old and is just adorable at this age.   We also have 2 older puppies who need their forever homes. Call us at 909-621-9435.