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Champion in FIVE Countries, "Hanko by my Shinishinshin"

When Akadashi was born we knew he was special. He proves just how much every single day. Akadashi has a calm, patient personality, affectionate but never pushy, people oriented but not needy. Taken as a whole, from his brilliant tangerine orange coat to his dignified attitude, Akadashi is All Akita, All the time. We are especially proud of his willing to please nature.


Dashi attended the Sacramento Show for several days with us. Accompanied by a large group of friends, a good time was had by all, including the Dash Man ( 11 weeks). The flowery lady holding the lead is our good friend Carol Howton, breeder of Dashi's dam, Miso. Carol has since turned her skills to Parson Russell Terriers. We remain close friends.
Darryl Houser kindly showed Dashi the ropes, getting him ring ready for his debut show, Akita Specialty Las Vegas. My mistake was letting him see me, once he knew I was near he had a difficult time paying attention. We appreciate the kind comments made about him. His laid back attitude and disinterest as other males walked around was very satisfying. Stable temperament is essential for a family dog. Unfortunately there can be only one sweeps winner. She paid attention! I wonder what happens when a 75% import dog competes in FCI...could they win? Would anyone ask if they are "really" an Akita? 
Many, Many, Mucho thanks to our friend, handler extraordinaire and Veterinarian, Dr. George Becker, DVM! In South America, George found us on the internet and admired Akadashi, wanting to provide an opportunity for him to compete against Akitas from Japan and other countries using the FCI Standard for Japanese Akitas. It has always been a goal, here at Hanko, to breed dogs capable of competing using the standard of the country of origin...JAPAN! Thank you SO very much, George and dearest translator and friend, Gabrielle, for giving Dashi this opportunity to excel!
All grown up and enjoying his travels, Akadashi continues his South American Tour. The winning streak, helped by the expert handling Dr. George Becker, DVM continues! FLASH...Akadashi winning hearts at home and abroad! Requests to breed to Akadashi are turned down due to show schedule. Dr. Becker plans a breeding with FCI Champion, Hanko by my Shinishinshin, and his Champion females. George has lovely sisters from Japan. There is not much more to accomplish on the South American continent Akadashi makes plans to head home. George takes such great care of the dogs, he NEVER allows the dogs to travel alone and makes travel plans too.
We are EVER so deeply grateful for the outstanding care, affection and handling given to our boy during his stay with George! Plans are being made for Kinto to visit with George, perhaps for the World Show! It is too far in the future for Dashi to stay so long. Thank you again, Gabby, for your many, many dedicated hours translating for George and me. Dashi, as with all of the dogs at Hanko Akitas, is NOT available at Public Stud. Akadashi puppies available exclusively at Hanko Akitas or very limited breeding by private, restricted, treaty. View http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1097947#animal  for health results, CHIC status. Eyes clear: 2007