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Suji is my ideal female. Not only does she have a soft, sweet temperament, always aiming to please, she also presents us with Fabulous puppies!!! Suji (Hanko's Type On The Line) is out of Makiko (Hanko's All Lined Up) by Hisho. Suji has proper triangular eyes, the broad, flat top skull & small, furry ears of the Japanese Akita. Prepare yourself-this breed-having proper type-resembles no other! We're not referring to the Saint X Shepherd cross type Akitas-but those having ALL of the Japanese characteristics (including personality plus!!!) that set it apart as AKITA Inu. WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFER A FEW Suji X Kinto (Milstolpen's Kintos to Hanko Sunroc, 2008 World Show Best of Breed winner). (see Kinto's page) ) pups from Suji's final litter. She is now another retired love bug here at Hanko. She loves to come in the house, grab a toy, "talk" to us & cuddle. We love her SO much! (See below for a few examples of what Suji has produced with Akadashi! Don't delay, contact us today for an application and a last chance to own your own Akita puppy from this breeder's favorite girl!

Look at the Find a new Friend page to see the pictures of the new puppies available 11-24-2012.

Shown here right out of the yard & WITHOUT A BATH! Suji has a loving, gentle personality. Her natural obedience, innate dignity, so reminiscent of Hisho, & outstanding Akita Type are among the reasons she has always been a favorite in my heart. Suji has never displayed dog aggression. (In fact she surprised our female terrier twice in the litter box this time!) Since dog aggression can often be strong in this breed,  we favor those having low aggression in our breeding program. Our Akitas will stand up when necessary but few of them seek to initiate trouble. I can't guarantee that your particular puppy will be able to spend a their free time at the dog park we do have quite a few able to play nicely with others. One of our beautiful Suji puppies, age 4 now, acted perfectly when a rowdy dog fight broke out at the dog park. She ran right to her two human children, placed herself between them & the fight, calmly remaining with them until the entire family went home. We are SO proud of our Suji daughter, Ama-Tora, & grateful to her humans for letting us know about her behavior! We are blessed to have the very best owners in all the world!

Our application process may take awhile but it really helps us to match our puppies up with the very best families. Contact us in plenty of time to fill out an application, get a deposit in place to reserve a puppy, & puppy proof your home. I will make all the time necessary to respond to questions & concerns. We will help you prepare for your pups arrival, including suggested reading. While we do offer shipping it is recommended that you visit, if possible, in order to meet the parents. On some occasions the sire may be unavailable, due to show commitments, other owners, etc. but we hope you can meet Mom. Letters of reference are available if you are unable to meet with us in person. Our dogs enjoy meeting people, responding enthusiastically to visitors, so please wear appropriate play clothes! 

Note: filling out an application does NOT guarantee that an Akita puppy will be available. We will work with you to make certain this is the right breed, & the right type, Akita for you. 

All puppies are sold on a LIMITED, non-breeding, basis. 

Puppies are sent home with our own CD packed with Akita tips, information and help, but AKITA, Treasure of Japan, vol. 2, written by Barbara Bouyet, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ALL Akita owners. If you're hoping to get one of our puppies please plan to purchase this book &  make time to read it BEFORE bringing your puppy home.


KINTO, a Seihoh grandson, came to us from Norway/Sweden from two people interested in the breed's future health. (Kennels Kinto & Milstolpen). They were very helpful & willing to help us increase the genetic diversity we prefer. We invite you to visit them via the internet. (See Britt's Page) You may notice, by investigating our pedigrees, that we do not practice inbreeding. We seldom line breed & if we do it is sparingly after much consideration. Further information is available on genetic diversity via the worldwide web. We invite you to study the subject & come to your own conclusions about the advisability of breeding closely related individuals. Our search for genetic diversity, healthy dogs with good temperament & correct breed type has led us to Japan, Canada, Europe & South America. The consistency seen in our puppies is proof that we can achieve such consistent type without "breeding dogs who are out of themselves".


This beautiful black brindle male, (we call him BEAR) could be yours! If you prefer the cold you might want an all white POLAR BEAR instead! Pigment is filling in fast on these pure white babies. Watch for updated photos, they are only 4 weeks old in these pictures! All of our puppies have tight, black eye rims, properly deep set, small, dark/black almond eyes full of mischief & intelligence. They will also have that broad, rather flat skull, full cheek & small, cupped, rounded ears set well on the head. the Akita breed is known for. Our dogs are not the huge, mastiff type Akita so common these days so be certain that what you want is an Akita that looks Japanese. Call Cindy at 909-621-9435 to ask about BEAR, GRIZZLY, POLAR, FREEZE or our beautiful female brindle, TEEZE. Look for TEEZE, GRIZZLY and more photos, on the Find a new Friend page!
Here are new pictures of the puppies taken Sunday to show how much they have grown. They are 7 1/2 weeks in the photos. They are really getting to be individuals now with their own personalities. They will be 8 weeks on 11/22, and are ready for there forever homes. Please go to the Find a Friend page to see more pictures showing how cute they have become as they mature.

We are pleased to have this small update ready for our site and hope to make many more changes soon. Please check back for more current information & photos! If YOU have been wanting to add a FurBaby to your family call Cindy at 909-621-9435. 

Please email akitashanko@earthlink.net and if you would like a call back please include your phone number. APPLICATION APPROVAL IS REQUIRED (by mail or by email) to reserve a current or future puppy. Once an application has been approved a deposit is REQUIRED to reserve a puppy. There are no Akitas available for breeding from Hanko Akitas.

We are happy to say that many of our Akita friends return for future dogs.  Some of their children, with families of their own, come to get their own Akita.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visit.

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